100 Pardue Road
P.O. Box 479
Pelham, AL 35124

tel: 205-621-1941
toll free: 855-764-8475
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NEW HIGH-DENSITY WOOD PLUGS is a new division of Smith Companies based in Pelham, AL. Smith Companies is widely known as a large and respected manufacturer of specialty wood products to many different industries with a focus in materials handling products, which now include core plugs.

In that regard Smith Companies saw the need for a contingent supplier in the core plug market as the result of an unfortunate event where the market’s largest supplier of core plugs was not able to satisfy the market demand it had provided for many years.

Many of the users of core plugs began to reach out to Smith Companies, and based on this demand we saw the justification to branch into the core plug manufacturing arena.

We have made a significant capital investment recently to expand our ability to meet the long-term market demand for core plugs, and we have created this division solely devoted to the manufacturing and marketing of core plugs, known as proprietary high density wood composite core plugs are made from renewable and sustainable wood fiber. We manufacture these plugs right here in our warehouse, allowing for large capacity orders. Our wood composite core plugs are designed to be stronger than plastic plugs. This durability ensures that Smith Plugs can be used numerous times.