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We manufacture all sizes of plugs from the industry standard sizes of 3” up to 16”, however we are able to manufacture any custom size you request up to 60” if necessary without any elongated lead times or expensive tooling cost to the customer.

It is important to note that we have found that each customer is sensitive to the exact outside diameter of the core plugs needed at his plant. This is sometimes due to the method of which the cores / paper tubes are cut to length.

For instance, if a core is cut using a slitting knife method the quality of the cut allows for the industry standard sizes of plugs for a proper fit. However, if the core is cut to length using a saw blade type of cutter the rougher edge on the inside of the core may call for a slightly smaller outside diameter of the plug allowing for proper insertion particularly when inserted using automated equipment.

In this regard we are willing to develop the specific size for the needs at your plant for all your plug requirements to ensure your plugs fit perfectly. We can do this quickly without any tooling changes and at no additional cost to you.

We are happy to come to your plant to investigate what is the perfect plug size for your operation, especially if the old standard size never fit perfectly. Please take a look at our specifications sheet and if the industry standard sizes are not what you require we will be happy to accommodate your specific needs.

plug size O.D. thickness I.D. weight avg crush core wall
3" plug 3.031 1.109 1.006 3.3 oz 2582 lbs 1/2
4" plug 4.031 1.114 1.006 6.3 oz 3546 lbs 1/4
5" plug 5.031 1.116 1.006 10.2 oz 5492 lbs 9/16
6" plug 6.031 1.122 2.005 13.7 oz 3900 lbs 9/16
8" plug 8.062 1.178 2.005 1 lb 11 oz 6566 lbs 3/8
10" plug 10.062 1.180 3.138 2 lb 9 oz 6306 lbs 1/2
12" plug 12.062 1.173 3.138 3 lb 13oz 8393 lbs 3/8